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Program work requirements for content, design and structure of paper

Program work requirements for content, design and structure of paper

Course work should satisfy requirements that are certain

1. Course work must be written separately.

2. The presentation associated with subject must be supported by real information, custom writings™ evaluations, respected viewpoints and sources towards the sources utilized.

3. Course work predicated on a completely independent imaginative concept should incorporate a theoretical component by means of text (containing the collection, systematization of data, analysis associated with the issue from the selected subject) while the part that is practical the type of a demo variation as a topic of research.

4. Demonstration product is a mandatory element of the course focus on design.

5. The analysis and description of creative things and phenomena must be performed according to a demonstration product by means of diagrams, tables, sketches, drawings and photographs.

Phases for the program work

The program work is made of the steps that are following

1. choose a subject.

2. Selection, analysis and study of literary works in the selected subject.

3. Making a strategy needless to say work.

4. Study of needs.

5. Collection and systematization of factual product.

6. Pre-project analysis and issue declaration.

7. The exposition regarding the creative concept.

8. venture presentation and analysis of compositional and coloristic solutions.

9. Presentation of this technical facets of the utilization of design solutions.

10. Selection for the demonstration product.

11. formula of conclusions.

12. composing the writing associated with the program work.

13. Making adjustments towards the theoretical component based in the responses associated with manager. (mais…)